MARKHOR is a high-quality craft cannabis vodka based on fine spelt.
Created in order to slowly discover subsequent layers of its complex flavor. Sipping MARKHOR neat is something for real connoisseurs who appreciate original compositions.
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Tasting notes
The first encounter with the aroma evokes memories of a freshly mowed herb meadow, fertile soil after rain. Then comes a thought of citron peel crushed between the fingers and sun-ripened quince.
Prepared for a full-sensory experience, we immerse ourselves in a complex flavor. MARKHOR reinterprets dryness, blending it with an olive structure and mineral notes, tempered by honey accents.
The finish is dominated by spices and the warmth of heated rocks, , but astringency mixed with subtle sweetness of dried fruit is still palpable. This harmonious combination is what makes MARKHOR Vodka stand out.
Vodka ingredients and CBD
MARKHOR Vodka Vodka is manufactured according to the principles of craft production – from selected raw materials, under constant quality and technological supervision, with due attention and care to the details of our products
We only cooperate with reliable suppliers of raw materials, which ensures a consistently high quality standard. Our cannabis vodka is made from locally sourced ingredients. We combine high quality spelt spirit with crystal clear water.
The resulting flavored vodka is an original blend containing hemp and honey, which gives it its unique character. MARKHOR is then aged so that all the elements influencing its final shape create a complete and balanced composition.
_inspired by nature
When creating Markhor Cannabis Vodka, we used spelt spirit of the highest quality

Spirits distilled from grains originating from pure, conventional farming meet the highest quality requirements for premium vodkas. Spelt, which is a more noble relative of wheat and one of the oldest cereals, has impressive nutritional and health values. Today, after years of oblivion, it retakes its rightful place on the podium among the most valuable cereals grown in Poland. In MARKHOR Vodka, it allows us to achieve a depth of flavor and an additional layer of noble aroma.

_out of admiration for raw beauty
Why do we mention water? Because it is water that our body is made of, because there would be no life without it

We insist on sustainable production of raw materials used to create the MARKHOR Vodka and, in doing so, we contribute to the protection of our planet’s water resources. Water, which is often underestimated as an ingredient, has a huge impact on the quality of the final product. A premium vodka also requires the highest quality water, which is why MARKHOR is produced using crystal clear water from our own drinking water supply, ensuring a consistently high quality in every bottle.

_out of passion for traveling
Hemp grown in poland is responsible for the unique aroma and taste of Markhor Vodka

It is obtained only from producers who use environmentally friendly cultivation methods and focus on biodiversity. The hemp used for flavoring our vodka is harvested and sorted manually, with care for the highest quality. It is grown without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals, and its biological purity is confirmed by relevant certificates.

_out of desire to create
Polish honey adds the finishing touch to Markhor Cannabis Vodka recipe

Valued for centuries for its flavor, nutritional and medicinal properties, honey has become one of the most characteristic elements of the Polish culinary heritage. We add it to complement the complex flavor of MARKHOR Vodka. In production, we use 100% natural honey from the greenest regions of Poland. Honey in MARKHOR Vodka does not dominate, but rather smooths and rounds off the remaining flavor notes, allowing them to resonate in a non-obvious way.

MARKHOR was born out of appreciation for art of craftsmanship
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MARKHOR is the first quality cannabis vodka on the Polish market, which contains CBD and hemp terpenes. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural substance found in hemp, with which we flavor our vodka. Terpenes are natural compounds to which MARKHOR owes its complex and intriguing aroma.